The links to the left provide information on Medicare, medical records, medical license information, etc.

Members can opt in to the APA’s Find a Psychiatrist database that helps patients find psychiatrists by geographic and practice area. This is a great member benefit to help psychiatrists connect with new patients:

Find leaders, policies, historic information, colleagues and more at

AMA Program for Prescriber Data Privacy

The Physician Data Restriction Program offers all physicians the opportunity to restrict their prescribing information from pharmaceutical sales representatives. It also allows doctors to register a complaint or concern about a sales rep, or a company’s use of their prescribing data.

Free Maryland Rx Discount Card

Every Maryland resident can participate in the Maryland Rx Card program, which has no enrollment forms, restrictions, waiting periods or age/income requirements. The discount card is accepted at over 50,000 regional and national pharmacies. Visit the site to download a free card, search drug pricing and locate participating pharmacies.

Maryland Attorney General’s Health Education and Advocacy Unit 

For consumer advocacy assistance regarding insurance coverage disputes, etc.

Maryland Certified Treatment Directory

For substance abuse treatment resources.

Maryland Community Services Locator

  •  Search for services and programs by location
  •  Get contact information and other details
  •  Map services by location and get directions

 Maryland Insurance Administration

File a complaint for assistance with denials, billing, and administrative problems with insurers.

Maryland Physician Health Program

For decades, the MPHP has been available to all physicians in Maryland looking for help with emotional, professional, social/family, or other related problems.